UMX How To Find The Right Size of Purse and Handbag Hooks
For Fashion Purses, Handbags, Wood Jewelry Box , Cigar Box Purses, Wooden Cigarbox etc.


If you want to hook up your bamboo, rattan, or plastic handles to cigar boxes, jewelry boxes or wooden boxes, then you  can buy 1/2" hooks HK-Q12 or HKR12 to match HC-33 handle clamps.

We are developing HC-34  3/4" handle clamps for 3/4" Hooks HK-Q34 and HK-R34,  and for 13/16" hooks HK-1316. (HC-34 will be available aprox. JUNE)


Note: for the features of mother nature, some handles might be a little bit thinner or thicker, we don't guarantee one size of hooks will fit all same model of handles,for safety side we suggest to buy different sizes of hooks to try it out.

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