UMX Stylish Fashion Purse and Handbag Hardware - Plastic and Wood Beads - Pricing
For Fashion Purses, Handbags, Wood Jewelry Box , Cigar Box Purses, Wooden Cigarbox etc.

Regular Instock Beads Pricing: $9.00 / per bag of 100 pieces.

Custom Color: (dye to match your fabric): $15 / per bag of 100 pieces (with a minimum order of 10 bags / per color, per style)
Only Love-Heart and Pumpkin Beads can Dye To Match Now.

We have experienced in house dye master with more than 30 years' experience can do a good job for you !

Bamboo Handle & Buttons for Purse & Cigar Box Pricing
  1. Half-Ring Model
  2. Full-Ring Model
  3. D-Ring Model
  4. Bamboo Rod / Stick
  5. Bamboo Toggle Buttons
Beaded Handles & Frames for Purse & Cigar Box Pricing
  1. Beaded Handles
  2. Beaded Handle Frames
  3. Beads Pricing
Polyester, Rattan, Metal, Wooden Handles Pricing
  1. Rattan Handles
  2. Polyester Handles
  3. Metal Handles
  4. Metal Rings Handles
  5. Wooden Handles
  6. Bermuda Handles
Wooden Box, Cigar Box & Jewelry Box Hardware Accessory Pricing
  1. HC-33 Handle Clamp
  2. CB-TR18 Chain Hanger
  3. CN-2509, CN-3211 Wood Box Corner
  4. HG-25, HG-30, HG-45 Wooden Box Hinge
  5. LT-25, LT-30 Wooden Box Latch
  6. HH-CB11 Metal Handle
  7. Generic Cigar Box
Purse Handle Hooks Pricing Purse Feet Pricing Magnetic Snaps Pricing  
Purse Frame Pricing Purse Chain Pricing    

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